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The 'Paper, Wait!' Paperweight (Large)

The Ultimate in Desktop novelties... The Ultimate Gift for any math (or science) teacher...

The single clearest way to show you care enough to find a perplexing dilemma. Just Right for the Thinker who has everything except THIS! Yes, it is here...


The problem-solver's dream come-true... Take a look:

An ordinary, disposable bottle, hardly worth a second glance...

But it's the third glance that forces the "HUH????" sound to blubber out of even the most jaded observers...


Because the bottle is filled with large metal bottle caps from familiar products, such as jars of baby food... nothing odd about seeing such caps –


How did they get inside?

One thing's sure, they won't come out, ever, despite the afternoon of trying that many people actually admit to...

And on each cap is a sticker:

Anything is possible,
and all problems can be solved
if you have the courage
to fail 100 times along the way.

Yes, all problems can be solved,
because everything is possible!

And on each bottle is a sticker:


And on the bottle's own cap is a small round sticker:

Paper, Wait!
I can't remember
how I did this...

Large, 1 Liter size ($18.99)

Also available:
Medium, 16.9 fluid ounce size ($9.99)