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Protractor Clock

How does the human mind work?

How does penicillin work?

How do children learn to speak?

How do spiders learn to spin webs?

How do birds determine how high to make their nests?

How do salmon know the time has come to swim upstream?

How do seagulls agree to migrate?

No one knows the answers to these mysteries.

But they occur with a regularity we have grown to expect.

* * *

How do children explore the world of angles while following a second hand circling its way around a clock?

No one knows.

Why do protractors seem to present more of a challenge than the simplicity of their design would indicate?

No one knows.

What observers do eventually realize is that every angle is depicted within the course of every minute.

Of every hour,

Of every day.

In every 60 seconds there are 360 degrees

Until now, why has this basic fact never been highlighted with bright red-line-rays to highlight the angles?

No one knows.

What we do know is that the angles occur with a regularity we have grown to expect.

Every 60 seconds there are 360 degrees.

Painless learning 'round the clock.

Two red lines...

two rays...

one common end point...

That's the angle...

that's the clock.