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Dice Breakers (TM)

"For the teacher who leaves nothing to chance."

The first educational product to make your introduction to probability a sure thing!

"It's pure magic, literally!"

These dice are the teaching equivalent of the old fashioned "loaded dice." They're large, 11/2" inch cubed, ultra bright colors, and foam composition to keep the students' auditory focus on the lesson.

Couldn't be simpler...

The teacher introduces a pair of dice and quick review of the fact that a cube has six sides and are numbered by spots: show their value by the quantity of spots on each surface. They are placed in a paper bag and the teacher asks "What are the chances of my pulling out a six?"

Hands shoot up and the answer is one out of six for each die.

The teacher nods, reaches in and pulls out one cube...

"Oh, my, look at that!

It's a six!"

The cube is placed back in the bag and the experiment is repeated with the same question presented...

"Oh, my, it's a six!"

This can be repeated as many times as the teacher likes and with different predictions realized each time!

The question arises, "What are the chances of doing it 20 times in a row?"

The question arises, "What are the chances of it happening 100 times in a row?"

1000 times???

Now it's up to the teacher.

This gag can either be explained or followed up with identical dice distributed to groups of students with identical bags to see if this is a natural pattern...

Of course it is not, and the loaded dice, which are loaded with educational potential limited only by a teacher's imagination, are revealed to be textured. Although invisible, some spots are raised from the surface, enabling the teacher to share a fun moment of high improbability!