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Dear Mitch, 

We're having a big 4th of July barbecue at our house, and will be having a big group of kids (all ages).  Last year my husband had a bunch of riddles prepared and it was a big success.  This year he just informed me that it's my turn.  D you happen to know of any questions you think would be good for this?  I'm thinking on the hard side and have kids work together in groups or have families work together.  At the end, the winners will get tee-shirts, and then a few minutes later every one else will get tee-shirts too!

Looking forward to hearing back in time.

Maggie R.

Exeter, NH


Dear Maggie R., 


I'll give a few now and - if you check in again between now and the fourth - you'll find more! 

  1. (And this one is an old one; I think I heard it back in elementary school.)

              QUESTION:  In England, do they have the 4th of July?


                 ANSWER:  Of course!  What else would they have in July between the 

                                    3rd and the 5th?


          2. QUESTION: On the 4th of July, why do the white sheep throughout the

              world consume more food than the black sheep?


               ANSWER:  Throughout the world, there are more white sheep than black



          3. QUESTION: At a 4th of July barbecue, 1/4 of the guests ate only

             hamburgers, 2/3 of the guests ate only hot dogs, and no guest had both

             hot dogs and hamburgers.  If the remaining 5 guests had absolutely

            nothing to eat because they were too busy making sure their children

            were eating and behaving, then how many guests were at the barbecue?


                        YOUR CHOICES ARE:

                                      A) 25 

                                      B) 30

                                      C) 45 

                                      D) 50

                                      E) 60


Stay tuned....

This one will be answered very soon...

Hope this helps,