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Dear Mitch, 

I'm not going to tell you who I am and you won't be able to get my email address from this because I' doing this from the computer of a friend's sister who you don't know!   And you wouldn't even know her last name.  BUT I KNOW YOU.

The other day you answered some letter about one of those block calendars you made your own father for Father's Day, which you correctly said are available all over the place and have been for eons.  But then you left that little 'cliffhanger' about how you manage to get the names of all seven days of the week on a six-sided cube.  Give me a break!  Could you just reveal the big secret already without any "teachery" buildup? 




Dear ME!, 

Let's see... you know me but prefer to keep your identity concealed.  Yet you've taken the time to write in...

You're right, I don't know who you are, but can I venture a guess about something?  Are one of those quiet and mostly-misunderstood types sometimes referred to as 'a stalker'? 

-- I mean ...  'talker'?

Only kidding. 

And you're right:  My buildup was unnecessary.  The answer is that the two days of the weekend share a side of the cube.  One horizontal half says Saturday, the other horizontal half says Sunday, and they're printed so that whichever one is not the correct day is upside down to avoid confusion.  And that's it!

Hope this helps,