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Dear Mitch,

Is it true that you are affiliated with a European website about dancing?

My neighbor read that you are on the leading dance website in the world, and to be honest, I was surprised to hear that you are even a part of the dance scene. If my neighbor is correct, could you post the name of the website you're affiliated with?


Marilyn B.

Bronxville, NY


Dear Marilyn,

Here's the story: As it turns out, there is a website for disc jockeys and people who are serious about dancing or the dance scene, mostly in Europe. The website, I believe, is based in Poland, but, like all websites, is, of course, now worldwide.

Recently, on that website, there was a debate going on between two people about how scientists know all the things they purport to know. One of the people argued that scientists must 'make stuff up', since no one he knows has actually seen any dinosaurs.

His opponent took the view that scientists do indeed have legitimate methods that they use, and that their discoveries and theories are based on well-founded evidence. Then, to settle the matter over how anyone could possibly know how far the sun is from the earth, the person taking the pro-science view recommended to the other that he look at an explanation given on another website. And the explanation he recommended was a response I had given a while back on I had posted it in response to a question that came from a mom in the Boston area and her three triplets.

So the dance site linked to the correct page in the archive. And this dance/music sight from Europe is called:

Check it out, and see if you can spot the link to

If not, try their search tool at the top of their site.

Good luck, and dance the night away!