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Dear Mitch, 

This is the fifth time I'm writing in about ...


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Dear --- ---- ,

I am truly sorry, but here at we just became aware of a software issue that (unbeknown to us) somehow deleted about 60–70% of the letters sent in to our site!  Unfortunately, we cannot even respond to those lost letters now, because it appears that the affected letters were deleted permanently.  So, to all the teachers, students, parents, friends, and mathematicians who wrote in and received no response, I APOLOGIZE.

I can assure you that this is now repaired, and NO letter is EVER ignored. 

We do not know how long the situation existed and only failed to become aware of it sooner because of all the letters that did make it through.

So, thank you for putting up with this frustrating situation, and please know that it had nothing to do with your particular question, which I have just responded to in a personal email.

Happy to help when I can,