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Dear Mitch,

On the PSAT how many questions are going to be in each subject?




Dear Lola,

The "PSAT", which, technically, is called the PSAT/NMSQT, which stands for Preliminary-Scholastic-Aptitude-Test/National-Merit-Qualifying-Test, has five sections:

Two 25-minute critical reading sections,

Two 25-minute math sections,

One 30-minute writing skills section.

And so the whole test requires two hours and ten minutes.

Broken down further to answer your question:

The Critical Reading sections are each 25 minutes, and combined they have 48 questions. There are 13 Sentence Completion questions, and there are 35 Critical Reading questions.

The math sections are each 25-minutes long, and combined they have 38 questions. There are 28 multiple-choice math questions, and there are 10 student-produced responses (or 'grid-ins').

There is one 30-minute writing section, and it has 39 questions. Broken down, the writing section has 14 "Identifying sentence error" questions, 20 "Improving sentence" questions, and 5 "Improving paragraph" questions.

Hope this helps!

Good luck on your big day,