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Dear Mitch,

I know it's awfully close to the big day, but would happen to have any more ideas for halloween costumes for math teachers who teach middle school children?

Either way,

Happy Holiday!


Mrs.  H,


Dear Mrs. H.,


Here's one I've thought of but never posted:

You could take a thick black marker, and on a white tee-shirt make one 45-degree angle facing another 45-degree angle, with their open sides facing each other, sort of like two birds' beaks open towards each other, and in one of those cartoon 'bubbles' that contain words you could have one angle telling the other that he/she looks "mighty sharp today", and have the other angle's bubble contain a similar compliment in response.

You would have "COMPLIMENTARY ANGLES" (two angles that add up to ninety degrees!)

Hope that helps,

And Happy Holiday!