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Dear Mitch,

Can you please send me the pumpkin pie problem someone recently commented on?

Thank you,



Dear Shannan,

Searching through the Archives of our q&a's (which, I am told, amount to well over 400 items), you will come across many that relate to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Still, that said, I just looked through about a hundred of them myself, and I believe the one you are seeking can be located on the 17th page of the indexed q&a's, so if you click on #17 at the bottom (where it says "previous" . . . "next" . . .) you will find it.  I believe it's entitled "Thanksgiving Math for Middle School: Geometry", November 9th, 2007.

I hope this helps; if you would like additional information, please feel free to contact me with specific questions so I can answer your query as clearly and succinctly as possible.

-- Mitch

P.S. We are currently having some minor hardware/software problems, and -- depending upon the kind of computer you have -- you may (or may not) come across some computer language mumbo-jumbo stuck in the middle of the question as well as throughout its range of answer choices.

At the moment, this weird series of computer commands (that should be invisible and behind the scenes) show up on my screen and print-out -- and they occur in the multiple-choice answers "A" and "C" for this particular question, right before the actual choices appear.  Fortunately, these unnecessary annoyances are easy to fix, even if you have to resort to using old-fashioned White-out and a pen.  Good luck!

Happy Holidays!