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Dear Mitch,

I wanted to present an interesting problem to my math classes on Tuesday, tomorrow, and I would answer it at the end of each period since their short break for Thanksgiving begins on Wednesday.  I know this is very short notice, but can you think of one that I could just print out?

Thank you.

Happy holiday,

Miss Sanford




Dear Miss Sanford,


Check out the following three balance scales:

New Years Eve Math Challenge

Based on what you can learn from the perfectly balanced scales A and B, how many Christmas trees would you have to place on the right hand side of scale C in order to balance the two stars on scale C's left-hand side?

Good lluck!

And I hope your class enjoys solving this problem!


Dear Miss Sanford,

The final ANSWER to the above will be posted on Monday, when the students return from their break!  Until then, once again, Good luck and happy holiday!

I hope this is the kind of question you enjoy!


-- Mitch