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Dear Mitch,

I know I'm at least the third person to ask you this, but if could keep those holiday-themed questions coming, my colleagues and I would appreciate it.  The students, as I'm sure you know, seem to like questions off the Internet more than the ones in their textbooks any day.


Martin V.


Dear Martin V.,


Check these two out:

1. On Christmas Eve, snow falls at the rate of 1/6 inch per 36 minutes.  How much snow will fall in 3 hours?

(A) 1/6 of an inch

(B) 1/3 of an inch

(C) 1/2 of an inch

(D) 2/3 of an inch

(E) 5/6 of an inch


2. Suzie decides to make her little sister a necklace for Hanukkah, so she buys a roll of beige string and a large container of assorted beads.  She then strings beads together in the following order:  pink, purple, blue, red, orange, silver, and white.  What is the color of the 81st bead Suzie strings onto the necklace?

(A) Pink

(B) Purple

(C) Red

(D) Orange

(E) Silver


I hope you and your students enjoy solving these problems, and I wish all of you a healthy and happy holiday season!

- Mitch