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Dear Mitch,

Do you know anything about this whole "numerology" thing?

Because my friend, who's from China, is really into it, and I thought if anyone knows about these kinds of number things it would be you.

So do you?


Mark B.


Dear Mark B.,

Funny you should ask!

I know that the science/practice of numerology is an ancient art which has been relied upon for help in making major decisions in many parts of the world and is taken very seriously.  It's one of those things that seems to work for many people, even though no one understands exactly how or why it should work scientifically.  Though, we should keep in mind that many of today's most prescribed and effective medicines in this country are not understood (in terms of how and why they work, even by the companies that developed them, yet their mysterous behavior in no way decreases their efficacy).

But the reason I said "funny you should ask" is that our newest memeber of the staff, who we are continuing to keep as a 'mystery person' until we get her photograph and bio up on our homepage, happens to have a great interest in the field of numerology and is known as a local expert on the subject!

So... I turned your question over to her and this is what she had to say about today's date:

"According to Chinese numerology, 20010 is an '8-year' for anyone born on 2/21. 8's are strong, successful, and carry a material vibration.

"It's the ultimate good luck number.  In fact, the Summer Olympics in Beijing began on 8/8/08. 

"The letters H, Q, and Z are associated with the number 8.  8's need never worry about money, so it's good news if your name contains even one of these letters."

Hope this helps!, (And check back tomorrow for tomorrow's numerological forecast, which I will post either as part of the answer to whatever other question comes in, or on its own.)