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Dear Mitch,

We really liked the ideas for math costumes that you gave in previous years.

Do you have any more?

Thank you.


Happy Halloween,

Doug B. and Brianna H.


Dear Doug B. and Brianna H.,


We have been getting a number of requests like yours, so we will soon repost the list of suggestions for Halloween math costumes that we wrote in the past.

Until then, how about this:

You draw a picture (or pull one up from the Internet) of twin babies in their babby carriage, and you transfer the image onto the front of a tee shirt. (Available from stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, and K-Mart there are easy-to-do kits for transferring images like this from your printer onto a shirt.)

Then you take a Sharpie or other similar marker, and you write beneath each baby the name "Abola."

You wear the shirt.

What are you?



Hope this helps for now,