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Dear Mitch,

Some girl on facebook said you were going to put up a list of Halloween costumes for math teachers like some other math sites do. Is it true? And, if it is true, when will you do it?

A fellow math geek, from Brooklyn, New York,

Ms. C.


Dear Ms. C.,

Yes, it is true that we are going to once again post one of our responses to a question which asked for ideas for math teachers for Halloween.

That should be up sometime in the next few days.

Until then, take a look at the Q&A directly preceeding this one.

Also, consider the following idea for high school level (or close to high school level):

If you are the  creative type who is feeling industrious enough to make a costume that requires transforming a cardboard box into a one-piece, slip-over-the-head suit, you should consider painting a box to look like a street sign (bright yellow background with black lettering -- or -- dark green background with white lettering), then you paint the letters "CO"

What are you?

A "CO-sign."

Hope this helps,