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Dear Mitch,

Would you happen to know of any interesting ways to help students understand how subtracting negative numbers works?

Thank you,

C. F. J.,

Seventh Grade Math Teacher


Dear C.F.J., Seventh Grade Math Teacher,

Sure!, I do know of some interesting ways to help people understand the concepts and procedures behind the subtraction of negative numbers.

Before I throw any more never-before-seen math methods at our faithful visitors, I think the best thing I can do for you is to direct you to a couple of the ways we've presented before, each of which has resulted in an unusually hefty deluge of appreciative emails.

Our Q&A's are arranged chronologically and are accessible this way: 

First, go into our Q&A bank, which is one of the links along the left-hand side of the homepage of

Next, at the bottom of each screen you should see a horizontal list of numbered groups of past Questions-and-Answers.  Once you spot a horizontal list, use the 'next' and/or 'previous' icons, working your way back until you get to the April 13th, 2007 one called 'Subtracting Negative Numbers, Part II,' and the February 26th, 2007 one called 'Subtracting Negative Numbers.'

I think (and hope) that you will find them to be original and helpful.  Let us know, and if you wish, we'll see what else we can produce!

Good luck,