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Dear Mitch.

In my math class my biggest problem is subtracting fractions.  Is there an easy way??




Dear Christine,

Yes, as a matter of fact, there is a very easy way to add and subtract fractions!

All you have to do to find the exact spot at which I explained this method in step-by-step detail is to go into the Q&A section of our website, which you can find contained within the menu on the left-hand side of our homepage, click on it, and then scroll down to the bottom where our large archive of Q&A's is broken up into a horizontally numbered list, and click on the icon '25,' which, as you will see, should include the Q&A of August 27th, 2007.  After that, open the Q&A of August 27th, 2007, and you will find the best answer to your question that I can possibly give. . .

In a nutshell, despite what most teachers would tell you -- or tell any other student, for that matter -- it just so happens that there is a way to add and subtract fractions that do not have a common denominator, and you can add or subtract them without having to find a common denominator at all!

Once you locate the answer, I hope it helps!,