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Dear Mitch,

Is it true that you've invented a new way for kids to learn how to read that gets them reading faster than any other way? 

Could you explain it, if it's true? 


Mrs. K 


Dear Mrs. K,

The answer to your question, I think, is YES, but you have to be careful when you say you've 'invented' anything, because I never bothered to do any research to authenticate that I'm absolutely the first person to have ever come up with it.  But yes, as far as I know, I've never heard of anything like it, and yes, it seems to be very successful with kids who have not previously been able to pick up reading so easily. I came up with it at least fifteen years ago when I was working with some children who were older than the usual age at which children tend to begin reading.  They hadn't been progressing and were ready for a new approach.  I noticed that many of them encountered problems when trying to read a word whose first letter had a name that was very different from its basic, most commonly used sound.  For example, when reciting the alphabet, the name of the letter "M" begins with the sound "Ehhhhhh."  (Think:  "eehhhhhhmmmmmmmm.")  So, I came up with new names for many of the letters of the English alphabet,  ensuring that each letter would be called something that began with that letter's most commonly used sound.  For example, the letter "M" I called "Memm."  The letter "N" I called "Nenn," and the letter "R" I callled "Rarr..."

So without further ado, here's the whole, new, "Mitchellistic" alphabet, complete with the age-old learning song that often accompanies it:

"Ayyy, Bee,  Kee, Dee, Eee, Feff, Gey (hard g sound), Haych, Eye, Jay, Kay, Lell, Menn, Nenn, O, Pee, Cyoo, Rarr, Sess, Tee,  OOOO, Veee, Wouldle-ooo, Exxx, Yie, and Zee.... Now I know my Ayyy, Bee, Kee's, next time won't you sing with meeee?" 

If you have the same experience I had using this version to teach the decoding part of reading, I think you'll be thrilled with the success you'll have!

Good luck!