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Dear Mitch,

Can you post one of your balance scale problems with a Thanksgiving theme? 

My students very much enjoy the ones you've posted previously, and the last one that you had up for Halloween was one of their favorites.

Thank you,

Tanya B. 


Dear Tanya B.,

Of course!

However, for reasons not worth mentioning, just this one time, we are having a slight technical difficulty getting the image posted onto the site in a timely fashion. (Which is a shame, as I really like the way this one came out!), SO...

Anyone who wishes to receive a copy of this year's hand-illustrated, Thanksgiving balance-scale problem can instantly receive his/her own hard copy via private email from me, Mitch Adler, at  Then, just print it out!

All that you or anyone else interested in receiving one has to do is contact us using our 'contact us' page, and provide just your first name and the email address to which you would like it sent.  (And, fear not -- none of these correspondences will be posted anywhere, as all incoming mail to this website go first into our private email before I choose one or two out of every three or four hundred letters to answer publicly.  (All queries, it should be noted, have always received a response via private email.)

So there you have it.  Tanya B., yours is on its way!

I look forward to hearing from the rest of you!

Thank you for your question, and Happy Thanksgiving! 

-- Mitch