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Dear Mitch,

I heard that there is now a five member staff at, and I was wondering, if this is true, where can I find the new employees' bios?


Eric D.B. Dashay

Elmont, OR

(and Sydney Australia)


Dear Mr. Dashay,

Actually, our staff has quickly grown a little larger than than that, but, including myself, you correctly calculate the number of biographies we will post (a total of of five.) However, although I do not want to blame summertime (THOUGH IT IS SUMMER!!) we have felt no rush to get the biographies posted.

At the moment, in addition to my own bio, which a freelance writer and website master named Scott Sawyer was kind enough to research and assemble, you can read the biographies of Ms. Amanda Johnson, Dr. Arthur Koppelman, and Ms. Elan Nguyen. Elan's bio has been up for some time, as she was/is our highly valued and high-spirited summer intern (and, while I'm at at it, I might as well say it: renowned math wizard extraordinaire), Within the next couple of days we hope will see the biography of Kimberly Colman, behind the scenes assistant and photographer of unparalleled snappiness, Christopher Copeland, of international computer and think-tank acclaim, and the above mentioned Scott Sawyer, who remains on board as 'council' for website issues.

I have always considered myself unusually fortunate regarding my lifetime's experience of meeting wonderful people and persuading them to work with me, but with this current group, some of whom I have known for over a decade, my luck has surely reached a new height!

So please join me in welcoming them to

And their bios, for the moment, can be found AFTER you enter the ABOUT MITCH PAGE. There is a 'staff page'. And they they are, credentials and all! I am honored to be in their presence, even if in a couple of cases our contact is mostly virtual.

-- Mitch