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Dear Mitch,

You mentioned that you would keep the Thanksgiving Math problems coming, and since the two you gave yesterday are two that I am definitely going to use with my classes, I look forward to more!

Thank you,

Mr. Willis, Middle School Teacher

Columbus, Ohio


Dear Mr. Willis,

Yes, here is one of my favorite Thanksgiving math questions for middle school through high school math. (I often use it as an example of the kinds of questions that interest parents when I am asked to speak to a school's parent-body.)

For Thanksgiving dessert, a bakery made special pies.

They come in two sizes: Small and large. Both sizes are circular in shape, and both sizes are the same thickness, density, and fluffiness.

The small pie has a diameter of 10 ", and the large has a diameter of 20 ".

If the 10" pie is priced at $3.00, how much should the 20" pie sell for? (Assume the bakery is managed by someone who uses a logical system for pricing the items in his shop).

Here are your choices:

(A) $6.00

(B) $8.00

(C) $10.00

(D) $12.00

(E) $15.00

HINT: One of the features that often lands a problem into the category of one of my two or three hundred 'favorites' is that it might require a little more thinking than one may initially assume.

Hope this is the kind of problem you were thinking of,


P.S. A major hint will appear within the next day or two. Then, shortly thereafter, I will post the actual answer and explanation.