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Parents: Introducing the clever new study aid that motivates students to master standardized tests. Lock up a reward and watch your kid work out multiple choice or math problems like you've never imagined. Finally, a study tool that nags so you don't have to.

PerfectOut is brilliantly simple. Just place a monetary reward in the patent-pending box and close the pre-programmed locks. The included SAT-style practice test (several math and verbal problem sets are included) will reveal the lock combinations only if the student gets every question right – plus, your son or daughter will have to do a little more math and follow directions to decode the the multiple-choice answers into lock combinations. Your kid will have to work and rework the problems until the locks open, instantly rewarding the dedicated studying.

And once the first practice test is mastered, you can change the re-programmable locks for another problem set. Easy-to-follow directions and lock combinations are included in the Parents-Only Instruction Packet. You can even continue to reuse the device over and over again by purchasing additional practice tests and answer keys.

Standardized test preparation could not be easier. Stop nagging and yelling. Let PerfectOut do the work for you.

PerfectOut includes a rugged box (with a motivating window!), sample math and verbal SAT-style problem sets, detailed instructions for parents and kids, and 7 re-programmable metal locks. You'll be thrilled with the integrity of the box, the professional-grade locks, and the included print materials will make using and reusing the device quick and easy.