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More Thanksgiving Word Problems (Challenging) Nov 16, 2013

Here are even more challenging mathematical word problems for middle school and high school students

Halloween Math Costumes Sep 9, 2013

A reader asks Mitch to post some of his famous mathematically oriented costume ideas

What Do You Think of the Jodi Arias Trial? May 5, 2013

A reader asks Mitch About a current trial in the news

Christmas Balance Scale Math Dec 10, 2012

Here is one more of our ever popular balance scale problems for the holiday season!

Thanksgiving Balance Scale Problem Nov 11, 2012

By popular demand, here is an algebraic balance scale problem for almost all grades.

An Easy Way to Make the U. S. Economy Come Alive Sep 7, 2012

Mitch presents a solution to a slow recovery

President Clinton's Math Sep 6, 2012

Mathematics plays a role in the life of politics and the politics of life

Overcoming Stress on the SAT, ACT, and Elsewhere Jul 2, 2012

Test Anxiety is a real phenomenon, rooted in our survival instinct, but it can be controlled.

Announcement of a Return to Posting Q&A's Jun 17, 2012

The reason for the apparent break from posting Q&A's is given, along with updated contact information

Valentine's Day Math for High School! Feb 10, 2012

Here are web addresses that bring you to the internet's favorite Valentine's Day problems

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