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On College Applications, Keep Your Eye On the Ball Jan 10, 2008

When writing your college application essay, do not lose sight of the audience that matters

College Application Essay: Fail Well Jan 4, 2008

College application essays are important, and a mature topic selection can spark a piece of writing that ignites the reader

Deadlines for College Applications Jan 3, 2008

College applications have different deadlines, often within a single school, so keep track!

Triplet Combinations, What Are the Odds? Dec 30, 2007

A simple question about a combination of three siblings leads to an entire field of important mathematics

How Do We Know How Far Away the Sun Is? Dec 28, 2007

A brief explanation of astronomy's "Parallax Angle"

New Year's Eve Fun Math Puzzles Dec 25, 2007

In a few minutes on New Year's Eve, There is fun to be had with the math magic of divisibility tests

Chistmas Eve Fun Math For the Whole Family Dec 24, 2007

Estimation is important, can be practiced anywhere, and can involve the whole family!

Christmas Balanced Math, Answer Revealed Dec 21, 2007

We use a step-by-step method with a hands-on approach to make the abstract real

Hanukkah Math, Mine, Not Such A Miracle Dec 21, 2007

A teacher writes in to help us check our work

Fun Christmas Math for Young Students Dec 20, 2007

Thought-provoking questions with humor can spark a great lesson.

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