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Free Inventions, Take What You Like Aug 30, 2009

For this author, the most rewarding part of coming up with a new idea is in the conception, and he leaves the rest up for grabs

Stupid Test Questions Jul 17, 2009

There are common questions on standardized tests whose correct answers do not receive the credit they deserve

Formula For Success: Avoid Your Own Success Jul 13, 2009

A college application question about a key experience leads to an answer that unlocks one recipe for success

Subtraction Doesn't Have To Be So Negative! Jul 12, 2009

Two different algorithms, 'decomposition ' and 'equal addition' produce the same correct answer

Reinventing the Square Jul 8, 2009

An inventor's question leads to an investigation of why square rectangles are easier to make than non-square rectangles.

Summer Vacation? Jun 30, 2009

Math from Trash: Recycling Stimulates Connections Mar 31, 2009

By using all kinds of objects around us to learn, ideas become more real

Arbor Day Math & Recycling Florida Trees Mar 22, 2009

Math plays a large role in recycling, and this Arbor Day children will make their own statues at Sarasota's Children's Garden

College Application Essay on a Person of Influence Mar 20, 2009

A popular college application essay topic involves describing the person who influenced the student, as shown here

Where Are the Questions & Answers? Mar 19, 2009

The reduction in Q&A's had multiple causes, from teaching the 11-plus exam to creating a program of teaching math via magic tricks

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