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SAT Hint of the Day: Handshakes, the Easy Way Sep 18, 2007

There is often a question on the SAT and PSAT which is tricky unless you are prepared with a simple and effective method.

SAT & PSAT Favorite: Highly Likely to Show Up Sep 16, 2007

Among the math concepts routinely tested, weighted averages, though easy, rate high.

Magic Formulas for the SAT Sep 15, 2007

Though exotic formulas are not necessary for solving questions on the SAT, some people have success working that way.

SAT & PSAT Hints Continued, With 'Magic Numbers' Sep 14, 2007

Some numbers make the exceptions to 'commons sense' results pop out on a test.

Figure Not Drawn To Scale is the Vampire's Cross Sep 11, 2007

On the SAT and PSAT exam, when a diagram is accompanied by the words 'Not Drawn To Scale' it is an intentionally distorted picture and must be ignored.

SAT TIP OF THE DAY: Percent Change and Direction Sep 9, 2007

On the SAT exam, and everywhere else, it helps to think of percentage change problems as electric dimmer switches.

THREE SAT TIPS to Improve Your Score Sep 8, 2007

Vocabulary words on the SAT that look familiar may lure you into a trap.

Today's SAT TIP: Simplifing 'Cost' Questions Sep 6, 2007

When given the price of a certain number of items, the best first step is to simplify to find the price of one item.

SAT Tip Of The Day Sep 5, 2007

In response to requests, until the PSAT there will be daily SAT advice, this time for reading comprehension.

SAT TIP: Geometry Is Real Sep 4, 2007

All areas of math/maths are real, but for SAT questions with geometry, this can help you improve your score without much effort!

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