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Dear Mitch,

Can you please post more word problems for Thanksgiving?  My students are eating them up - pun intended!



Sarah C. 


Dear Sarah C.,

Of course it will be my pleasure!

Give these a try:

1.  (a)  A certain recipe for Thanksgiving requires you to fill a turkey with a particular stuffing. If your turkey has an available internal space that measures 56 cubic inches, and the stuffing you are using weighs one-quarter pound per cubic inch, how many pounds of stuffing will you need to completely fill the bird?

      (b) How many pounds of stuffing would you have needed to fill the same turkey if your recipe resulted in a stuffing that weighed 6 ounces per cubic inch? 


2) If one side of your rectangular Thanksgiving table has a row of 6 seats, and if 2 of the guests in that row insist on sitting in an end seat, how many different ways can the 6 guests in that row seat themselves?

A) 24

B) 36

C) 48

D) 120

E) 720 


3.  If 5 people attending a Thanksgiving dinner consume an average of 17 ounces of stuffing per person, and if 2 of those people had consumed an average of 20 ounces, what is the average (in ounces) that each of the other three people consumed?

A) 12

B) 15

C) 17

D) 20

E) 25


4. If the ratio of the number guests having ice cream for dessert to the number of guests having pie for dessert at a certain Thanksgiving dinner is 5 to 2, and everyone at the dinner had either pie or ice cream, how many people could have been present at the dinner that night?

A) 25

B) 26

C) 27

D) 28

E) 29 

I hope you and your students enjoy solving these challenging problems, and I wish all of you a happy and healthy holiday!!

Hoping this helps,