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Dear Mitch,

I noticed that it's been months since you've answered any mail, so I was wondering what's going on?  Also, I tried a phone number that you had posted a while back when someone asked for it, and it didn't work.  Is this website still active, or have you guys moved onto other things? 

Mike B. 


Dear Mike B.,

O.K. . . .  Well, we've been asked this a LOT, and so I guess it's time we responded.  FIRST, Although it's true that we haven't POSTED any question & answer pieces in a while, we have been responding to emailed questions every day, with no break at all.  In fact, over the last three months, my two assistants and I have averaged between twelve-hundred and twenty-three-hundred responses per day, although, as you've noted, we have taken a break from posting any of them here on the website.  For a while we decided to keep the focus on keeping up with getting responses to teachers and students as they prepared for finals, AP exams, SAT's, ACT's, Regents, and general questions in math and literature, as well as an almost full range of other subjects.  Now that the school year is over here in New York, we will soon return to posting new questions and answers.

To answer your second question, you are correct about our telephone number. We have changed our service and have a new number:  

(631) 617 - 4511.  

This number is used mostly for local questions, such as help in finding a tutor in the New York area, but we return all calls regardless of their geographic origin or their subject of inquiry.  We hope this helps!

Until next time,