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Dear Mitch,

I am in my first year of teaching math at the high school level, and I just heard someone in my department saying that on Monday she was going to give her classes an assortment of super-challenging and interesting problems revolving around a Valentine's Day theme.  Apparently, she's collected them from your website.  

Could you please tell me how to go about finding whatever problems she's talking about?  (Because they really sound quite different from the ones I've been finding on the basic math sites).

Also, if you have any that would be approriate for middle school math students, that would be great because I'm teaching an after-school enrichment program for seventh and eighth graders.

Thanks, and happy holiday! 

Miss S. 




Dear Miss S.,

Of course!

For the last few days we've been getting a number of requests like yours, so here are some specific addresses that you can type directly into the address bar on your computer screen and shoot straight to many of the problems I think you're hoping to find.

So, typing one at a time, and making sure you do so accurately, check these out:


I think these few should give you a range of problems you'll enjoy presenting to your classes on Valentine's Day, ranging from an Asian-style balance-scale problem to a more hands-on type of mini investigation into the shape of a graph and the mathematics of the numbers that show when students use a blood pressure cuff on themselves and others in their class.

Enjoy, and please write in to let us know how things go!

- Mitch