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Dear Mitch,

My classes really enjoyed working on the Christmas and Hanukkah balance-scale problems that you posted a few weeks ago.  I think we've solved them, but would you hapen to have any explanatory answers that you could post to guide me a little in going through them with my students?

Thank you.  Have a very happy holiday!

Mr. Greene 


Dear Mr. Greene,

Of course!

As it turns out, what we did this year as an experiment was post new versions of some of the holiday problems that particularly proved popular in previous seasons, rather than let some especially good challenges go to waste for all the new students coming up.  (And, as far as we know, no one even caught that!!)  So, for each one of the holiday challenges we presented, I will direct you to a page from our archives that has a very detailed 'explanatory answer.'  I  hope this helps.

For the New Year's Eve Balance-scale Challenge:


For the Hanukkah Balance-scale Challenge:



For the Christmas Balance-scale Challenge labeled #1:



For the Christmas Balance-scale Challenge labeled #2: 


For the Christmas Balance-scaleChallege labled #3: 


If anything is still unclear, feel free to write in again.

Happy holidays! 

- Mitch