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SAT TIP: A Trick For Learning Vocabulary Oct 8, 2007

There are methods to use to increase efficiency and effectiveness of word-memorization for the SAT and other tests, and the process is easy.

SAT TIP: Get a Feeling Oct 6, 2007

A sense of how formulas really work and what they mean in a real-world way empowers a student to at least avoid ridiculous answers.

SAT TIP: Keep the Day as Routine as Possible Oct 5, 2007

Beware of suggestions from well-meaning parents, teachers, and friends regarding new things to try for the test.

SAT TIP: Mean Tricks on Critical Reading section Oct 4, 2007

Some questions in the verbal section include unexpected twists in meaning

SAT TIP: Sometimes It Pays to Shop Around Oct 2, 2007

Some questions on Standardized tests are more easily solved by trying each of the choices than working on your own.

SAT TIP: Magic With Averages, Part II Sep 28, 2007

This is the conclusion of previous: Easy method to answer common average question.

SAT TIP: Magic With Averages, Part I Sep 26, 2007

Once fully understood, questions involving averages, which appear frequently on SAT and other exams, become a snap!

SAT HINT: Avoid Twins Sep 23, 2007

Since no multiple choice question has two correct answers, if two choices are synonyms, they are both wrong.

SAT Hint of the Day: Another Alphanumeric Concept Sep 22, 2007

There are many concepts that are logical but tough to figure out during the exam, so it is worth knowing them beforehand.

SAT & PSAT Hint for Those Weird Letter Problems Sep 19, 2007

Alphanumeric expressions look like algebraic ones, but are DIFFERENT!

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