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Thanksgiving Math for Middle School: Geometry Nov 9, 2007

Questions comparing circles can seem tricky, but once grasped they become simple

Thanksgiving Math for Middle School: Answer # 1 Nov 6, 2007

To arrive at the solution to a recent Thanksgiving Math question, a Venn Diagram is a great help

Thanksgiving Math Problems For Middle School Nov 2, 2007

Here is a Thanksgiving Math Problem For middle school geometry with circle formulas.

Thanksgiving Math for Middle Schoolers Nov 1, 2007

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to teach a wide range of math concepts such as ratios and decoding of word problems

SAT Practice Tests are Imperfect Oct 28, 2007

Practice tests for the SAT or any other standardized test are not always reliable predictors for how one will score on test day. There are many variables involved.

Fun Halloween Math for Middle School Oct 20, 2007

Halloween pumpkins can be used to teach spherical volume, ratios, diameters, metric conversion, and much more

PSAT Morning To You! Oct 17, 2007

It is often easier to select a correct answer from a bunch of choices than to arrive at it on your own. So plug them in!

SAT TIP: Say What? Oct 15, 2007

Many people taking standardized tests such as the PSAT and SAT find the big challenge is deciphering the wording.

PSAT TIP: If You're a Square, be Solid Oct 12, 2007

Understanding how algebra and geometry are related can increase correct answers in both

SAT TIP For Vocabulary Memorization, Part II Oct 10, 2007

Mnemonics are an effective way to learn and retain the definitions of words. On the SAT and PSAT they can be useful in raising a score

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