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SAT Reading's Secret Source of Power May 1, 2008

While each SAT section is written with the questions ascending in difficulty, the reading section often includes personal surprises

SAT Quick Tips For Reading Comprehension May 1, 2008

With just two days to go before the SAT exam, one can still learn helpful tips for the test

SAT Exam Tip: Plug In, and the Light Comes On! Apr 30, 2008

When plugging in numbers for SAT questions, the power is in plugging in the best numbers, not merely the smallest

SAT Tip for ESL Students,an Encore Performance Apr 29, 2008

A recent response to a question about SAT exam and 'ESL' students focused on a category of words that are mistakenly ignored; here is a second 'group of groups'

SAT Exam Saturday: E.S.L. is A.O.K. Apr 27, 2008

The SAT exam is challenging, but for those not yet fluent in English (E.S.L.) it's even tougher, so the approach must be appropriate

Assigned Seating Need Not Be A Life Sentence Apr 20, 2008

There are systems in education that seem fair but may not be; then modification is important

Ratios, With a Twist to the Left Apr 16, 2008

Ratios are typically straightforward common sense, but sometimes there's a twist

Mathematically, A Day of Two Miracles! Apr 15, 2008

Today is the anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's birthday, and the anniversary of the opening of the world's first McDonalds. The mathematical connections between these two events grow in proportion to the time one wastes

Morning Magic Apr 14, 2008

After watching an unusual card trick performed, an observer requests more information. The soon-to-be revealed secret did spring from concepts covered within this website

Plug In, Power On! Apr 11, 2008

On the SAT and other tests, there is great power in understanding the technique of 'plugging in' numbers.

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