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4th of July, Let the Thinking Fly! Jun 22, 2008

A summer barbecue is as good a time as any to share fun questions

The Answer to Dad's Blocks Jun 21, 2008

The idea behind the cube calendar is so simple that most people go from baffled to amused in seconds!

Give Dad Blocks Jun 20, 2008

A fun gift can be made inexpensively, yet provide useful pleasure every day of the year

Father's Day Brain Twisters Answered Jun 15, 2008

Yesterday's Father's Day math questions are solved and explained

Father's Day Brain Twisters and Math Problems Jun 14, 2008

Brain-twisters and math problems exist for all subjects and with a little practice and some tricks they are easy to write and easy to do!

Problem Solved! Jun 9, 2008

The topic of problem-solving was not always considered a substantial part of math, but, fortunately, it is now

Bored? Maybe, But Not For Long Jun 7, 2008

When students are bored, understanding the nature of boredom is critical

A System for Systems Jun 6, 2008

Systems of equations can be tricky, but with practice (and tricks) they become easy

Teacher Tricks to Look and Feel in Control Jun 2, 2008

Insecurity can run high for a new teacher, but a few tricks can boost your confidence

Last Minute Graduation Gift That Lasts a Liftetime May 30, 2008

Without spending much or searching malls or the Internet, an interesting graduation gift can be produced

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