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SAT Help: On the Essay, Write Trumps Right Apr 6, 2008

On the essay writing portion of the SAT exam, it is important to remember the goal

SAT Exam: Favorite Concepts and Their Tip-offs Apr 3, 2008

Authors of standardized tests, such as the SAT, have favorites, so it helps to learn how these concepts can be concealed in questions

Free At Last! Mar 31, 2008

Beginning almost immediately, all educational products will be available to you for free!

The Secret Power Of Substitute Teaching Mar 30, 2008

There is much to be gained from spending time as a substitute teacher, and the opportunity is often underestimated

How to Draw Spheres Mar 23, 2008

Drawing spheres, more than many of the other 3-D objects, requires a bit of thinking and practice to master

Understanding and REMEMBERING Prime Factorization Mar 20, 2008

There are many memory helpers for prime factorization, but understanding is the key to them all

Easter Math For Middle School and Beyond Mar 19, 2008

The mathematical concept of balancing applies well to problems with chocolate Easter bunnies

Houdini's Magic Changing Change Mar 19, 2008

Magician Harry Houdini's Birthday is soon celebrated and provides opportunities for interesting math challenges!

3.14 is "Pi Day" Mar 14, 2008

On the day 3/14 many schools celebrate & investigate the relationship of circumference of circles to their area and diameter

Answer to Easter Egg Color Combo Question Mar 12, 2008

A well-known and easy approach to certain types of combination problems is useful for problem-solving

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