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Easter Egg Surface Area Answered Mar 11, 2008

By knowing the weight of one square inch of a substance, much can be derived in math class

Quadratic Mnemonics Mar 7, 2008

To memorize the quadratic formula, memory tricks can be a great help

Spheroids, Ellipsoids: Formulas for Scrambled Eggs Mar 4, 2008

Mathematically, an Easter egg is a 'scalene ellipsoid', not one of the oval spheroids

Easter Math and the Hatching of Ideas Feb 28, 2008

Using Easter eggs and color combinations, a range of mathematical concepts including permutations can be reviewed

The Mathematics of Leap Year Feb 27, 2008

We have Leap Year every 4 years because a day is really less than 24 hours

How to Draw the Two Kinds of Cubes Feb 24, 2008

Drawing 3-D cubes is fun with a little practice!

Houdini Time in Middle School Math Feb 24, 2008

Harry Houdini's birthday is in a few weeks, and it can provide opportunities for fun challenges

George Washington's Birthday Math, Continued Feb 22, 2008

Today is the anniversary of George Washington's birthday, so here is a continuation of math activities with a U.S. dollar

George Washington Math Feb 18, 2008

Friday is the anniversary of Washington's birthday, and a U.S. dollar can be used to practice estimation and other key concepts

Toothpick Math for Wednesday Feb 16, 2008

Toothpicks were around before recorded history, and today they can be used to clean teeth and practice math

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