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Dear Mitch,

Last year you posted five ideas for Halloween costumes for math teachers, and I'm looking at the list now.

You had a "number lion", an "irrational number" (in a straightjacket, etc.), a "decimal point", which you recommended making from a store bought pumpkin outfit that you spay-painted black, and the "invisible guy who carries the one in addition and subtraction", made from an all black outfit except with a little white number one on your shoulder.  The one I liked best (and actually used last year myself) was the one with the hat on your head that had growing out of the top a little plant.  The costume was "Gee, I'm-a-tree" (geometry).  Well, that one got a lot of laughs, and I was going to try one of the others on the list, but do you have new ones?



High School Math Teacher


Dear Jerry, 


In fact, I am taking part in a Halloween function in which I will be demonstrating some new approaches to math, and I was thinking of some new ones to get me excited about it, and you are certainly entitled to use the same one I'm thinking of using.  Which is this:  A "Wrecked Angle" (rectangle), but I think I will try to look mostly like an angle, but kind of smushed up, like each of the two rays forming the angle got damaged in 'transit.

Hope that helps! 

Enjoy the holiday,