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Dear Mitch,

 I believe you said you were going to give one more hint for the reading comprehension section, but it's been a couple of days now and...


Edwin Feigen


Dear Edwin Feigen,

Yes, and since I receieved two emails todays informing me that those two readers (and perhaps many more) found some of my tips and techniques for making one's way through the reading comprehension part of the SAT and any other standardized test were a bit long-winded, I'll make this final one for now brief:

Do not be afraid to make and take an agressive attitude toward the test, just as you might in some athletics that require bold moves.  For EXAMPLE, when a question states: "All of the following statements are true EXCEPT", " you should cross off the question and scribble the words "which is false?" next to it instead.  This may not seem like much, but by removing even one of the many cognitive steps necessary to go from question to answer, even eliminating one as small as this step can make the difference between getting the question right and getting the question wrong.

Hope this helps,